How to Build a List of Cash Buyers for Real Estate



Cash buyers are a key component of successful real estate investing. Whether you’re a flipper, wholesaler or agent, having a solid list of cash buyers can help you find deals and get them sold faster. Here are some ways to build a cash buyers list:

Using local real estate agents

Real estate agents can be an invaluable resource for finding cash buyers. They have access to a wealth of local insights and can provide lists of recent transactions that involved no mortgage.

Social media networks are also a great place to network with other real estate investors and cash buyers. Joining real estate groups on Facebook or LinkedIn can bring you in contact with a diverse group of individuals with different interests, backgrounds, and resources.

Connecting with iBuyers

Homebuying companies that make cash offers to homeowners to purchase their homes without going through the traditional selling process are another good option for finding real estate deals. These companies typically have the cash to buy a home immediately and can often close quickly. Read more


Building a list of cash buyers

One of the best ways to build a list of cash buyers is to attend local real estate investor meetings. These events bring together local real estate professionals and investors to share education, discuss market trends, and explore joint venture opportunities.

You can usually meet a lot of quality cash buyers at these meetings, so it’s an excellent way to build your pipeline of potential deals. You can also use these connections to reach out to rental companies and ask if they have any properties they’d be willing to sell.

Investing in distressed real estate

If you’re a real estate investor, you should know that there are still a lot of opportunities to purchase foreclosed properties. In fact, in January of this year, foreclosed properties accounted for over 11% of all existing-home sales.

This is great news for investors, because these properties can be flipped at an attractive profit margin. The advantage to investors is that they can easily obtain financing for these types of deals.

Removing a loan from the equation eliminates much of the risk that sellers face in the traditional transaction process. This includes a lack of appraisal requirements, as well as the possibility that the deal could fall through due to a delay or a poor lender’s decision.


The seller is also less likely to negotiate with a buyer who has a loan because they’re not concerned about a deal falling through if the lender backs out of the loan. This reduces the risk of losing a deal to foreclosure and can allow you to sell a property for a higher price than you’d otherwise be able to afford.

Quicker closings

The streamlined closing process of a cash sale is a huge benefit for both buyers and sellers. Since there is no appraisal requirement and lenders aren’t involved, the transaction can be completed in a shorter time frame. This means the seller can close on a property quickly and save money on expenses like mortgage interest, taxes, HOA/building fees, insurance and utilities.

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